vervola best love pieces for your yogi lifestyle

Between palm leaves and banana plants, our fair and ecological yoga loungewear brand vervola founded in 2018 started under the Balinese sun. Why? That's a valid question, because in a place like Bali, which is known for its spirituality and yoga lifestyle, there should already be enough yoga brands, right?

Not quite.

The irony of many yoga brands is that their collections are very much geared towards the mainstream and are therefore chasing after the illusion of perfection, so to speak. The result is that the cuts are aimed at very specific, small or particularly slim body shapes, although in the practice of yoga, among other things, it is about letting go of such ideal images

vervola story

For Susanne, the founder of vervola, it often seemed that yoga was only for women in their early 20s or women who are in the prime of physical fitness. There was hardly a trace of men in the yoga collections and housewives or business women did not seem to do yoga either. To put it simply: Yoga fashion did not depict life as it happens. The flexibility that is practiced in yoga is exactly what we need in everyday life. Sometimes there are only 2 hours between a business meeting and the parents' meeting at school, in which we find time for ourselves. We end up in a balancing act between what we want for ourselves personally and what is expected of us. Entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and the desire to be there for our fellow human beings makes our lives a balancing act that requires us to bring our bodies back to the NOW again and again.


So it quickly became clear to Susanne: What the yoga world needs is fashion that picks people up in their reality and that means combining aesthetics, functionality and comfort in such a way that individual expression is not neglected. Lightness and authenticity do not exclude fair and ecologically sustainable production. Our colors are natural and easily degradable and reflect a playful calm in their nuances. Our materials are sustainable, functional and allow a wonderful variety with their unique designs. So the cozy yoga suit can also be worn to a nice dinner, or the yoga pants for a stroll in the city. It is important to vervola that everyone can show who they are and what is important to them at any time, because yoga is also about showing the world in all its facets, honestly, creatively and authentically.

  • Individuality

    Yoga fashion differs from other fashion products in that yoga is understood more as a philosophy and lifestyle. The clothing should not only provide freedom of movement, but also aims to radiate values such as lightness, trust, solidarity or balance. It doesn't have to do without colorful design, quite the opposite. How we humans understand yoga is very individual. vervola starts right there and enables women and men to share their individual "Way of Yoga" with the world.

  • Fair and ethical

    Our corporate structure reflects this approach. Our team works and lives every day to enrich the yoga world with special designs. In our workshop in Bali, 4-5 people work on optimizing the cuts, the right choice of materials and the right cooperation. Connectedness is practiced in our team meetings just like in our yoga practice. So it is important to us that we give our employees development opportunities and give them space to implement their ideas.

  • Cooperate

    vervola can now be found in established, local fashion shops and our online stores ensure that our yoga fashion is also available internationally. Our vision for the future is to expand our collections and eventually build a concept store. We want to reflect the diversity that can be found in Bali, in yoga and in life, in our collections and in that store. We show that the values of yoga can be expressed in all elements of life: in our posture as well as in our fashion, the design of our living space or the way we travel. For this reason, we are pursuing the goal of entering into vital collaborations with companies that not only care about sustainability, but also have an interest in supporting people in an authentic and fair lifestyle. Only with the help of these collaborations can we actively bring the holistic approach of yoga to the outside, together and connected.